Memories at Reedz

It is 3.40 pm on a rainy Friday afternoon. I just finished a plate of prawn aglio olio at the Royals Bistro in UTown. It’s funny; this pasta is a lot better (and more pricey), yet it reminded me of the seafood aglio at PGP’s Reedz Café. I don’t stay in PGP any more, and it had been months since I ate that pasta. Though they weren’t exactly the best times in my uni life, sometimes I can’t help but remember those days.

Reedz Café or SuperSnacks is the go-to late night supper place in PGP. By that, I mean the only food place that is open after 7.30 pm 😐. As a former UTownian, I like taking long evening naps and late dinners. To my dismay, all the canteens would have closed when I woke up. More often than not, I found myself at Reedz to get my late dinners.

(I know we still call it SuperSnacks but I will refer to this place as Reedz because that’s what it says on the menu)

Since I have a particularly strong taste memory, let me share some of the *ahem* fond impressions I had with these dishes.



Mushroom Grilled Chicken

Mushroom grilled chicken has a special place in my heart because it was the very first meal I had at Reedz after moving to PGP. I was glad that they had upgraded to serving real food and not just those awful fried rice variations any more. It was late, I just woke up, and it was my first time going to Reedz. I felt a bit awkward. In a rush, I chose the most basic and foolproof dish on the menu, and got a takeaway (not the best idea).  I retreated to the pantry and slowly consumed my chicken in solitude. The fries got soggy from the takeaway box, which added to the somber, yet poetic feel of the rainy night.

The mushroom grilled chicken is the menu item you can always rely on whenever you need a decent meal or don’t feel like choosing. The quality is good and it’s great value for money. This was one of the few dishes I repeated during my stay. In honor of this memory, I made this my last Reedz meal before checking out. A form of closure of sorts.

The Fried Stuff

Sometimes, I would go to Reedz for comfort food. There was that one time when I was feeling tired after class but really wanted Korean fried chicken. Obviously, I couldn’t be bothered to go all the way to the nearest Chicken Up at Star Vista. Thus, I had the honey soy Korean fried chicken wings at Reedz. Another time, I was stressed out after completing an assignment. I went for the Hawaiian chicken burger and it did not disappoint.



Seafood Aglio Olio

Okay, now back to that pasta. I actually possess a significant memory locked into the mediocre Seafood Aglio Olio. It was the end of the semester. My cell group mates decided to meet up at Reedz for some reason. Four of them were graduating and were checking out of PGP for good. Cindy and Wicik ordered pasta so it made me want to order one, too. As we were talking, I sensed in my heart the winds of change approaching in the distance. How this phase of our lives was soon to be over and a new one will take its place. Upon the dawning of this realization, I smiled as if nothing happened and quietly engraved the moment into memory, along with that mediocre plate of aglio olio.

All in all, I am truly grateful for Reedz moving back to PGP. This place is one among many that I have to thank for making my stay in this depressing residence bearable. It has provided me many a late night meal and a place to eat in solitude, alone in the ever-present crowd. Those were not the best days, neither were they the worst, yet I will remember them for what they’re worth as I continue on my journey.

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